Monday, April 6, 2009

No more air-cooled fun for now

No room in garage
Snowfall and rain - dreaded rust
Bug gone to new home


Harsha said...

Sorry about that Paul. So, was your post today, a Haiku?

Anonymous said...

Sad. What is that a '68?

Anonymous said...

i need a new car,
a bug would have been awesome,
stuck with a lemon;

Paul DeWitt said...

Harsha you are right
seventy two footfeathers
weasel needs vee dub

Anonymous said...

Had four bugs and more
Overheat but miss them all
Ducati for now

brownie said...

Damn smelly hippies
in their VW bugs.
Go take a shower!

Paul DeWitt said...

Nice comments!

This was my 2nd bug - my first car was a 67 bug. I'm now suffering from "large american truck shame" since I have to drive my big work truck everywhere. Oh well...I guess if I was a better person I'd try to bike more but at least Darwin the dog likes the truck.

Peace Dog out

Anonymous said...

Been there mon. Burned through a bug, Quattro, two Rabbits (diesel and gas), and two Jetta's over the years. Have sworn off all VW's now. Good bye.

Joe Kulak