Sunday, April 13, 2008

McNotRun 100

Well, I never made it out of Colorado for this weekend's race in Pekin, IL. I was very sorry to have to miss the race, but Judy's surgery recovery wasn't going as good as hoped so I decided it would be lame to leave her alone for 4 days. I did enjoy following the web updates for the McNaughton and Mad City races yesterday. Congratulations to everyone who completed those events.

It has been snowing here in Palmer Lake for most of the last several days. I tapered even more than usual this time (didn't decide not to go till the last minute) and it was interesting how I felt yesterday morning when I did the CRUD long run; terrible! I often feel a bit sluggish for the first few hours of my 100s and I wonder if I might be tapering too much. I have always thought it was the travelling and strange food, but this was a good experiment to rule out some of those other factors. Of course any running you do the last 2 weeks isn't helping your fitness, but doing at least some running each day is probably good to keep everything loose.

What next? I am in pretty good shape so hope to find a race in the next month or so that is still open.


Anonymous said...

come blaze the course record at the Freestate 100km on the 26th of April two weeks from now buddy. You could always use another Kansas course record.

Bedrock said...

There's always Old Dominion

Anonymous said...


Hope all is going well with Judy. I am tentatively considering running Kettle Moraine again this year. However my fitness is somewhat lacking right now. Good race though and almost all on dirt/trail. I think you could break Clifton's record there.


Trailrat said...

I hope Judy recovers quickly! My thoughts are with you guys.

You could give the 50 miler in Buena Vista on May 3rd a shot. That will be my first 50. It maybe to short but it is close and will keep traveling to a min.


FastED said...

Yo Crystal,

Hope all is well and getting better with Judy.

Greenland 50k is coming up and is in your back door (no pun intended). Or Collegiate Peaks 25/50 mile on May 3rd. I'll be at CP 50 so maybe we can run a few miles together.

Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

David is right. You should do FreeState. It's a cool course. Hope all is well.