Monday, April 7, 2008

McNaughton 100 Preview/Prediction

The McNaughton 100 (and 50 and 150) is less than a week away. This certainly isn't a "goal" race by any means, but I still hope to run a good solid race to kick start my summer season. I'll be driving up there alone, and basically just kicking it old school - camping at the race site and using drop bags and aid stations. I honestly don't know a whole lot about the race, but in the last week I've gotten some valuable information as to an elevation profile and a blow-by-blow course description with photos. While the high and low points of the course are only about 175 feet apart, you go up and down between those elevations constantly. The website says there is 1600 feet gain per 10 mile loop, for a total of 16,000 feet of gain, which is the same as the Leadville 100 and the Vermont 100. Mud looks like a given on this course, along with a few stream crossings. I actually don't mind getting my feet wet but the mud could be a drag.

Prediction: Eric Clifton ran 18:38 in 2005, and Karl Meltzer broke that record with a 17:40 last year. 2005 was certainly past Eric's prime, but still Karl breaking his record by an hour was impressive. I hope to lower that further to 17:00. I don't like races with multiple distances going on at the same time, but I just need to use common sense and not race any of the 50 milers if they go out faster than I want to run.

If any of you have run the race and have any words of wisdom, please let me hear it!


brownie said...

You're going through a lot of work to avoid me at the Greenland 50K, but good luck out there!

Bedrock said...

Good luck at McNaughton. I am sure you will do great. Look forward to hearing all about it.

FastED said...

Karl's record is soft! 17 is doable.
Good luck! Team Smith/Pearl Izumi will be cheering you on!

Manners said...

Good Luck Paul. Enjoy it!
Keep us posted.

Justin Ricks said...

Good luck this weekend!