Saturday, April 19, 2008

This and That

It's been a wild week here in Palmer Lake; upper 60s early in the week, then 6 inches of snow, then upper 60s again. Today was a gorgeous day for the local ultra (Greenland 50K). A few Team CRUDers ran the event, while the rest of us ran the great Sante Fe/Ice Lake/Falcon Loop run (23 miles), which circles the Air Force Academy on a nice rolling single track trail.

Speaking of Team CRUD, check out our new socks!

The socks are just the latest step in our plan for total world domination. Better join us before it is too late.

For tomorrow's run, we'll be checking out the snow levels up at 9000 feet as we head from my house in Palmer Lake up Balanced Rock road to Rampart Range rd, then back down Winding Stairs road (22 miles). All 3 of the aforementioned roads are rough Forest Service roads with little traffic. The black bears are just coming out so hopefully we'll see one tomorrow.

In furniture news, I just completed a new design this week; this is the 4th piece in my Shaker collection and is made out of Cherry, Birdseye Maple, and Aromatic Cedar.


FastED said...

Man, those are some nice socks! Wish I had some! Apparently Grimes is wearing mine on his junk...

brownie said...

I think Harry had a bad day, mostly because I wasn't too far behind him. Gina also finished, I think just over five hours.

How much snow is on that route by your house? Once it's clear I'd like to run it.

Paul DeWitt said...

Fasted - are you that Mexican Dean Karnazes I've heard so much about?

JT - We did the Balanced Rock Rd/Winding Stairs road today and it ain't quite ready for prime time. Rick and I both got bloody shins from punching through the snow. I'll post on that later. Another 2 weeks and it will be good though.