Sunday, March 16, 2008

100 for the week!

Ok, so it was only 100 kilometers but still, a good week for me. I upped my mileage, and also did a moderate hill workout on Thursday which didn't seem to bother my hamstring any. The only run that really bothered it much was the Saturday CRUD long run, in which we did encounter some hilly snow in the upper part of Bear Creek Park. Given the good last few weeks, I am now planning on running the McNaughton 100 Mile Trail race on April 12. I don't know a lot about it, but it is 10 loops of mostly singletrack; looks like it is rolling the whole way with quite a bit of cumulative elevation gain, but no long hills. It should be a good one to do with no crew, since I can get my stuff every 10 miles. Karl has the CR at 17:40something, which seems doable on paper, but anything can happen in a 100. I'll make a time prediction prior to the race.

Mon 03/10 – 0
Tue 03/11 – 1:31:00 out and back on Spruce Mt. Rd. 7:15 pace
Wed 03/12 – 46:00 around town 7:40 pace
Thu 03/13 – 1:05:00 Uphill tempo run on Rampart Range Rd (24:00) and then down through Glen Eyrie/Garden of the Gods
Fri 03/14 – 0
Sat 03/15 – 2:33:00 Monument Valley – Bear Creek Park – Lower Gold Camp Rd and back.
Sun 03/16 – 2:00:00 on treadmill. 7:24 pace
Week – 7:55:00 / 62 miles


Anton said...

Hey Paul-
Great to see that the hamstring is finally cooperating! Good luck with the rest of your McNaughton prep, but I wish you were coming out to AR. Greg just posted the entrants list: Todd Braje, Lon Freeman, and Jorge should all provide some fun...


Paul DeWitt said...

I wish I was coming out there too (will be out there next week instead and hope to run on part of the course). Your training looks great so far; pound the pavement a few times between now and then to get ready for the first 26 miles of hard stuff, and you'll be ready to kick butt.

Anton said...

Good advice...I'm planning a couple out and backs on SF trail to get the pavement in. And I've even been doing speedwork!