Sunday, March 9, 2008

03/03 - 03/09 Log

Another good week, with even a few miles of faster running mixed in. The hamstring is hanging at about a 2 on the pain scale, which is very manageable. The main thing I look for with any kind of injury is if I seem to be changing my stride at all (which will lead to other problems). At this point, everything looks good in that respect. The American River 50 is out for sure now as I won't even be in California that weekend; I've moved up the delivery of some furniture I'm building for a client in Sacramento so I can be here in town for Judy's surgery on April 1st. But, I am leaning towards doing a trail race the weekend of April 12 if things continue to progress. I generally like to do big (for me) weeks 5, 4, and 3 weeks out from a race so I'll ramp it up to about 60-70 miles the next 3 weeks.

Mon 03/03 – 0
Tue 03/04 – 45:00 on treadmill, 7:47 pace
Wed 03/05 – 0
Thu 03/06 – 50:00 on TM, 7:20 pace with last mile @ 6:40 pace
Fri 03/07 – 52:00 out and back on Spruce Mt. Rd. 7:20 pace
Sat 03/08 – 3:15:00 Hilly slow run. Garden of Gods, Glen Eyrie, Mine Scar, etc)
Sun 03/09 – 50:00 TM, 7:20 pace with last 1.5 miles @ 6:40 pace
Week – 6:27 / 50 miles

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there buddy. You'll be back before you know it.