Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feb Training Summary

3/14 Edit: Out here in California the night before WTC and I just talked to Julie. I learned the complete story to the changing of the WTC course and now admit that it was the right thing to do! Apparently the race originally was the "new" course and the full 50K but at some point, a person marking the course mistakenly turned the course off the road earlier than he was supposed to, and that become the official course. So not only was Julie making the course the right length, but she was also staying with tradition by restoring the original.
The shortest month is over, and here are the final stats:

28 Runs = 37:15:00/273 miles
15 Walks = 8:07:00/31 miles
Total: 45:22:00/304 miles
Other Workouts = 7:15:00 (lifting and yoga)

Overall, a very good month with the exception of a strained Glute muscle the last week which curtailed my running and caused me to start my WTC taper earlier than planned. The mileage was about as much as I ever do (70mpw avg for month) and I also got several race-specific quality workouts in. As for WTC, I'm not ready to set any records, but should be able to at least qualify for WS by getting top 3. Speaking of records, whoever wins WTC will set a new "record" just because they decided to alter the course. I feel bad for both this year's winner and Uli, because Uli's record would have stood for a long, long time otherwise.


jhalekas said...


I think Uli's record is still going to stand for a good long time - like forever. My understanding is that they made the course a mile or so *longer* this year!

Chippewa said...

I finally came to the conclusion that although course records are sweet to try and attain, they are inevitably way too arbitrary. A course tweaking here, a course tweaking there... particularly trail races.

Paul DeWitt said...

Hey Jasper - yes the course will be longer this year. For the new record, I was referring to the note the race RD sent out that said they would be starting new course records this year.

The thing with "accuracy" is everyone knew WTC was way too short but who cares? At least everyone had ran the exact same course for 15 years or whatever. It isn't as if it is a certified, flat 10K road race where people compare their times to other flat, certified, 10Ks. In trail races, each one is so different. And it isn't just Uli's time; think about how many people who start their year with WTC and like to know where they stand. I can understand when a race has to change its course due to something out of their control, but this just seemed to arbitrary.

jhalekas said...

Yeah Paul,

I'm with you on this one. It was nice being able to compare your time to the pantheon at WTC. Not like there aren't tons of other races out there that are a mile or so off of their advertised distances. The great thing about ultras is that you can't compare between them anyway...

brownie said...

I think I asked you this before, but can't remember. When you walk, is it just a leisurely stroll or are you moving with a purpose?

Paul DeWitt said...

JT - I try to keep it at 15:00 min/mile or faster, so I'm moving right along, at least when I'm walking around the neighborhood with the dogs. A little slower when hiking on hillier trails of course.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck at Cool. Have you looked at the start list? Top three is a pretty bold prediction for anyone given this field--by my count there are 10 guys in the race that have run 3:46 or faster, and another 10 that would appear capable of that.

There's no rain in the forecast for the next week, so the course should be dry and fast. The new section of course is on a relatively flat road, so I'm guessing 8-9 minutes of additional time for the sub 4 hour crowd. It's going to be a fast day.

Chippewa said...

And those 10 guys are looking at Paul being top 3 and potentially taking one of their hopeful spots.

Anonymous said...

You still on for Umstead 100?


footfeathers said...

Looks like Karl has you picked for top three. He may be harsh ;-) sometimes but his predictions are usually on the money. Now you just have to fulfill the prophecy...
Tear it up!

Paul DeWitt said...

Thanks for the comments and well-wishes Tim, Wynn, and Anon.

Yo Joe - We're not going to make it back for Umstead this year (I already told RD Blake) due to another trip we need to make back east in April for a family thing. I hope to do it next year though. Umstead is where I ran in HS and college a lot; very nice rolling hills; think you'll like it. My best advice is check out the local Bojangles for your post race breakfast - can't beat the bisquits there!

Anonymous said...

Here are the top 17 Masters Men for Cool. As you point out, there will be three new age group course records from this group. Who are your picks

Anonymous said...

Here are the top 17 Masters Men for Cool. As you point out, there will be three new age group course records from this group. Who are your picks?

Paul Dewitt 40-44
Karl Meltzer 40-44
Eric Grossman 40-44
Mark Lantz 40-44
Michael Fink 40-44
Thomas Reiss 40-44
Jeff Riley 40-44
Andy Jones-Wilkins 40-44
Robert Evans 40-44
Jean Pommier 45-49
Mark Murray 45-49
Craig Thornley 45-49
John Blue 45-49
Mark Richtman 50-54
Gregg Nacco 50-54
Brian Purcell 50-54
Tim Twietmeyer 50-54