Friday, December 19, 2008

"Some will rob you with a six gun

and some with a fountain pen." I was listening to the song featuring these lyrics the other day while running on the treadmill (yes it has been very cold here) and couldn't help but laugh; it was as if the song writer was looking into the future and reading some of today's newspaper headlines.

Today's quiz: Name the song writer and subject of the song.


Brett said...

Yea, bailout schmailout I say. Let the robber barons go bankrupt. There are reasons why bankruptcy laws exist in the first place.

brownie said...

Woodie Guthrie. Pretty Boy Floyd. My favorite song by him is titled, "Treadmills are for Sissies."

Paul DeWitt said...

Right you are JT - I'll pay up by sponsoring your 85th hour/beer during your little holiday jaunt. It will be worth it to see what you look like at hour 85.

WynnMan said...

damn. beat me to the punch.

How about Mugabe the facist dictator of Zimbabwe today narcissistically stating, "ZIMBABWE IS MINE!" this guy needs to disappear very quickly. All that is missing from the end of his statement is the, MOOOOHAHAHAHAH!

I forgot where I was going with this. Anwyway, Guthrie indeed!