Sunday, December 21, 2008

Healthy Hammy?

Too soon to call it healed, but I'm feeling very optimistic (finally) about my 18 month long hamstring problem. After the JFK 50 last month, I was done with any running committments so I decided to take a different approach in dealing with the leg. I had been avoiding doing any leg lifting because it hurt but I figured that maybe the weakness of the leg was part of the problem. Starting on our trip to Florida for Thanksgiving, I began doing lower body lifting in addition to upper body lifting. To be sure the bad leg (left) is actually doing the work, everything I do is one-legged. I couldn't believe how weak the hamstring had gotten. I pretty much had to take all the weight off the leg curl machine to be able to curl it. So right now I can bench press over 200 pounds but can't leg curl 20! I decided to only do the same amount with the right leg so I don't get even more out of wack. Though it was hurting to do the lifting, it wasn't making it any worse afterwards, and within 2 weeks it was actually feeling better when I was running. I've increased the weight 300% in just 4 weeks, though it is still embarassingly weak but maybe I'm on the right track now. From the Jemez 50 (DNF) through JFK, I was only running one day a week but have now been able to up it to 4 days and it feels very good. The other CRUD runners are happy that I'm not grabbing my ass every couple strides as well.

As far as fitness, the Rock Canyon Half was a gauge of my starting point. With no training other than the 9:00 pace CRUD long runs, I can basically run 6:30 pace. But hopefully within a few more weeks I can get back to some level of fitness and think? about a spring race.

Mon 12/01 – Travel from Florida back to Colorado
Tue 12/02 – 32:00 easy on treadmill (TM).
Wed 12/03 – abs/dips/pushups
Thu 12/04 – Cheyenne Canon Hill Climb (4.2 miles @ 7.5% grade) – 38:15, 1:15:00 TTR
Fri 12/05 – Lift upper/lower/abs. Bike 20:00
Sat 12/06 – Rock Canyon Half Mar – 1:25:38 / 6:32 AVG pace.
Sun 12/07 –
Week – 3:15:00 / 26 miles

Mon 12/08 – Lift upper body/lower body/abs. Bike 10:00
Tue 12/09 –
Wed 12/10 – Run 20:00 easy TM. Lift upper body/abs
Thu 12/11 – Cheyenne Canon Hill Climb – 40:09, 1:15:00 TTR, Slick and Snowy
Fri 12/12 – Run 20:00 easy TM. Lift upper/lower body
Sat 12/13 – Run 2:00:00 Bear Creek area trails
Sun 12/14 – Stomp around in the snow for an hour looking for Yule Log.
Week – 4:05:00 / 30 miles

Mon 12/15 – Run 25:00 easy on TM. Lift upper/lower body/abs
Tue 12/16 – Run 25:00 easy on TM. Lift arms/abs
Wed 12/17 – Lift chest/shoulders/back/legs
Thu 12/18 – Cheyenne Canon Hill Climb – 39:05, 1:15:00 TTR, snowy and slick.
Fri 12/19 – Lift chest/back/legs/abs
Sat 12/20 – Run 1:55:00 SF trail/Stables/Falcon trail
Sun 12/21 –
Week – 4:10:00 / 31 miles

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WynnMan said...

Good news Paul. Keep after it. I do all lower body one-legged. It seems to mimic the running and balance much more realistically than bot legs at once.

bench 200 nice, Hanz, Franz and Paul.. we gonna pump "clap" you up!