Tuesday, February 19, 2008

02/11 - 02/17 Log

Mon 02/11 – 45:00 Treadmill, 8:27 pace

Tue 02/12 – 30:00 TM, 8:20 pace

Wed 02/13 – 45:00 TM, 8:13 pace + .5 miles @6:45 pace
The pickup near the end was just to see how I felt running at normal pace. The effort was easy, but the longer stride is still bothering my hamstring. So, I will keep up with the very gradual quickening of each day's run.

Thu 02/14 – 30:00 TM, 8:06 pace

Fri 02/15 – 30:00 TM, 8:00 pace

Sat 02/16 – 2:00:00 Manitou – GoG – Rampart Range Rd – Williams Canyon
This was a nice run being off the treadmill for the first time in a week. The lower part of Rampart Range rd is all clear of snow. Rather than running back down the road, I decided to take the beautiful Williams Canyon trail. This is one of the prettiest canyons around, but unfortunately is "closed" right now due to the insane placement of a shooting range that shoots right down into it. There was a family shooting skeet (or trap?) but luckily it was just shotgun pellets that were hitting the tree limbs above Eric and I as we scooted down the top part of the canyon.

Sun 02/17 – off
Week – 5:00:00 / 35 miles

This was a really good week of training for me. Though only 35 miles, this really isn't that much off of a typical week (55 miles) so it should be just another week or so till I'm back to some semblance of fitness. I've also been good about stretching and lifting and am feeling like I haven't lost too much fitness during the time off in January.

As I write this, I'm in the hospital with my wife Judy who is recoverying from surgery. She unfortunately has a fairly serious illness so please think kind thoughts for her; we both hope she will be back running herself sometime soon.


Jasper said...


Please pass on my best wishes and hopes for a quick and full recovery to Judy.

Glad to hear that you are back to running again as well.


brownie said...

Sheesh, sure hope Judy is OK.