Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Country for Old Men

Wow - what a movie! If you are a fan of Cormac McCarthy's writing, the Coen brothers really captured the stark, minimalist feel of his western/El Paso writing style (his earlier southern gothic themed writing is amazing as well, but much more lush and eloquent. Check out Sutree for a great example). Too often film makers feel like every second has to have everything; action/dialoge/music, etc. so it was great to see a movie that just let the dialog and landscape speak for itself (hardly any music at all in fact).

Great quote from Llewellyn Moss (main character) when asked by the homocidal, maniacal killer Anton Chigurh what happened to the 2 Million dollars. "It's gone. I spent a million and a half on women and booze. I guess I just wasted the rest."

Great Country for Trail Racing
After getting into the El Paso frame of mind, you might want to check out this race. Mark Dorian asked me to pass this on:

Incidentally, if you or any friends in CO are interested, I have a 50Km race here Feb 16 ( see for full details) and will put up in nice hotel any very good runners, plus provide a few perks (fee waiver, gift, etc.) The past few years I have had Eric Clifton, the Skaggs brothers, Greg Feucht, Jon Olsen, Emily Baer, Tania Pacev, and others-- in short I always get a few national class runners. Generally the weather has been good. It is a fair course but with some rough footing-- actually very much like some Colorado runs with a long climb to a high pass, scree slopes, old mines, etc.

It is easy to get to the race from El Paso airport. So many folks do not believe El Paso is in the middle of the Rockies, and has much more inc ommon with Albuq. or Denver than with any TX cities.

PLEASE feel free to help spread the word as we got a late start on this year's race!


chisholm said...

I saw NCfOM also! Dynamite!! The only thing I might add is more dead pit bulls. Otherwise I really liked the peace and quiet.

Merry Christmas !

brownie said...

Wow, that's one of my new favorite quotes!

swolfe said...

Suttree is his best. I really like his older stuff. Child of God is what Charles Frazier was reading when he started writing Cold Mountain in 1989.

The bit characters in No Country were classic Coen brothers. The mother in law, the trailer park lady, the hotel receptionist. Classic!

Did you notice that this movie did not have one note of music in it.

Later, Bro.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

I saw the movie last weekend with my wife...we were stunned into silence. We both liked it so much, we'll see it again; and she's usually a "chick movie" person, only.

Happy trails and happy holidays,
Bad Ben