Sunday, November 4, 2007

10/29 - 11/4 log

A rough start to the week with the long (2000 miles) drive from Rhode Island to Palmer Lake pulling a big trailer. On the way out, I did a token run in Indiana, where I'd never run before. On the way back, I did the same in PA. All the other states we drove through I had run in before.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I started using DMSO on my hamstring this Thursday. No change yet but I will do a complete write-up on the merits of DMSO later this week.

On a related note, I just can't seem to run any faster than 6:45 pace w/o really aggravating the hamstring, so I will be altering my training a bit from here on out. I may end up running a bit more mileage to make up for the lack of my usual quality runs.

Mon 10/29 – 5:00 in PA (while driving home from Rhode Island)
Tue 10/30 – 0 (driving home still)
Wed 10/31 – 30:00 slow on treadmill
Thu 11/1 – 0 busy with work, getting caught up on stuff at home
Fri 11/2 – AM 45:00 Santa Fe trail. PM 1:00:00 Palmer Lake loops
Sat 11/3 – 1:37:00 rolling, Greenland Open Space (6:45-7:00 pace)
Sun 11/4 – 2:32:30 – 24 loops (20 miles exactly) around Palmer Lake. Mixed in walking. Windy but felt easy other than tight hamstring. 7:37 pace.
Week – 6:30:00 / 52 miles


brownie said...

Where in PA?

Anton said...

Paul, have you tried ART on your hamstring yet (Champion Health)?

crowther said...

Sorry to hear about your hamstring. Good thing you won't have to run many sub-6:45 miles at ATY, eh?

WynnMan said...

Do you use a TENS unit at all? Works well for promoting blood flow to the damaged area.

I think there is a 100miler in Boulder, however I don't know if it is a "timed 24hr event" or a race to break the tape. If the latter, that course seems probable to rip off a sub 13 after looking at the course profile, although I could be wrong. Plus I think it's a race of little popularity, at least I don't hear much about it.

Paul DeWitt said...

1. BFE PA. I have no clue; it was near the Ohio line.

2. Not on this injury, but I know Matthews and Leahy and do need to get over there for some actual professional medical attention. They worked wonders with my previous injury (groin pull from 2006 WS100) though it took some time to figure out exactly what was wrong.

3. Oh come on, I was going to try for 200 miles!

4. Not sure what TENS is (some kind of electrical stim?). I'll ask about that if I go to the doc. You're right that the Boulder 100 would be fast, if the weather was good (can be hot/windy at that one). It is at 5K feet, but that isn't bad if you are used to it. I think you literally run out 3.5 miles, then back, and so forth all day.