Monday, September 7, 2009

LT wrap-up and other stuff

Wow it has been several weeks now but wanted to get something up about the LT100, which has always been the goal race for CRUD each year. The weather at this year's Leadville events ran the gamut, but it was the driest, warmest it has ever been for the 100. It was a great weekend as usual and I was psyched to see so many CRUDers out either running, crewing, pacing or just hanging out cheering.

It was one of our best years ever as far as the number of Big Buckles. John G won our highly coveted Pink Dress, being the lone DNF. I think he'll look great in it. And Keith was the Sullivan award winner; given to the slowest CRUD finisher each year.

I had a blast crewing for Tara the first 50, and then pacing her the last 50 while Judy crewed the whole day. I think Tara must have passed 50 people while I was with her, and we were only passed by 2 runners ourselves. I was hoping for 26:00 but at Fish Hatchery we started to realize sub 25 was a possibility. And sure enough she hammered all the way to the finish and made it with 5 minutes to spare.

Judy and Me at Winfield - Photo from Chisholm D.

Order of finish:

Harry – Big Buckle

Brooks – Big Buckle

Scott K – Big Buckle

Larry D – Big Buckle/Leadman winner

PaulSM – Big Buckle

JT – Big Buckle

Tara – Big Buckle, new CRUD female record

Keith – Little Bitty buckle/Leadman finisher

Colorado Trail Adventure
My buddy Scott Jaime is out on the Colorado Trail right now, pounding out over 40 miles a day. I'll be joining him for a 3 day, 110 mile section in the beautiful San Juans starting tomorrow evening. The section I'm doing with him will be done as a fast-pack - something I've never done so I'm really excited to see how it goes. One thing for sure, it is going to be my highest mileage week ever. At the link above, you can follow along. Well, sort of. He is using something called Spot but it doesn't seem to be working all the time.

Arkansas Traveler 100M
On Oct 3 I'll be pacing Wynn Davis at the Arkansas Traveler 100 in, you guessed it, Arkansas. The fear of getting left in the dust is my current training motivation.

Javelina 100M
Finally, on Oct 31 I'll be lining up for my first 100 since Oct 2007. No predictions yet but I'm looking forward to heading back to the desert.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck. Wynn should kick some serious butt down in Arkansas. Good luck with Javelina also.