Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catching Up

Yes I'm still alive, if only barely. My surgery recovery has been very slow with me still being super fatigued. I had follow-up blood work done yesterday and will hear the results next week in case I need to do anything different than my current plan, which mainly consists of suffering twice a week on the CRUD runs. My only event on the slate at this point is running the Leadville Trail Marathon in 6 weeks with my Dad. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up! All the normal CRUD guys, along with 2009 newcomers Eric Grossman and Scott Jaime, have been kicking my butt on the Thur CRUD hill workouts. Look out for Eric at the WS100, and Scott at the HR100 this season as both are in good shape and getting faster each week.

We had a nice run today with the CRUD group through the Air Force Academy (Falcon Trail) and partway up Stanley Canyon. A few of the guys went up the whole way to Rampart Reservoir but I turned back right after this photo for a 3 hr run.

Just for Brownie, I wanted to show a few of my latest furniture pieces. This first one is a desk/secretary made out of Cherry. This piece includes more than 200 dovetails as well as a lot of inlay using other woods (maple, walnut, and mahogany).

Finally, this is a King size bed made out of Walnut and Curly Maple. The clients are quite short as you can see.


HappyTrails said...

I might have seen some of your folks out there. Did any of them complete the loop on Falcon? I have never seen that many runners on FT before. Good day for a run!

Paul DeWitt said...

Hi Steve,
Yes, we had 4 guys do the Falcon Loop (and 1 of them at least did a 2nd loop). We saw a ton of bikers and others out there also. Falcon trail has become one of my favorite trails in the area.
- pauld

brownie said...

Nice furniture. I'll pick some of your stuff up next time I'm at Goodwill.