Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scary Times

On the 200th birthday of our dog's namesake (Darwin the Cattle Dog), I saw this poll - Yikes.

Gallup Poll - Do you believe in Evolution?

How can only 39% of Americans (in 2009!) believe in evolution? Like the title of the post; scary. If this poll was just Colorado Springs, I wouldn't be too surprised, but the whole US? Scary.


WynnMan said...

It is indeed scary. Sometimes I wonder how some can be so close minded, or endure such a lack of curiosity, Puritan style. If I may quote Einstein, "It's a miracle that creativity survives formal education". Although I feel like I'm doing the best I can to deliver to my students.
Hope you were able to catch the excellent biographical sketc/tribute this last weekend that was on NPR regarding the life and works of Darwin.

Oh well if there is at least one bright spot it is that MLB is heavily looking to restore the home run record back to Hammerin' Hank Aaron, rather than letting synthetic Bonds and his grapefruit sized head filled with HGH hold the record. I have his rookie card and he was skinny as a rail. I also have McGwire's and Sosa's rookie cards. Both skinny rails.

Brett said...

Well watch Jay Leno wander the streets of Hollywood and ask random people questions like 'how many states are there' or 'whats the capital of the United States' and like 1 out of 5 gets it.

I frankly don't understand. I slept half the time in Biology, drew porno pictures, made cheat sheets for my test in the next period, and I can still remember all these things. Jiminy Christmas.

Paul DeWitt said...

Very funny Brett! It reminds me of the movie Idiocracy, where 500 years in the future an average doofus from current times wakes up and is thought of as a genius because everyone else has gotten so stupid.

WynnMan said...

i think the biggest problem is that not enough people have watched Monty Python's Life of Brian enough.

wait till biggus dickus hear's of this!