Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pacific Buffet

My favorite kind of buffet is the all-you-can-eat variety, but this one is nice too. My first new piece in a good while so wanted to post a picture. This one just shipped out to its new home in Milwaukee.

Pacific Buffet - African Mahogany and Black Walnut


Anonymous said...

beautiful piece Paul, the owners will be very happy. I was talking today in class about craftsmanship and quality.

I've moved many hunks O' S*&@$ helping friends into new apartments, houses, etc.. IKEA type furniture.. veneer particle board grade A crapola. Sad, truly sad. A disgrace.

seeing this new piece of yours is quite invigorating and a reminder that true passion and careful consideration to the process and aesthetic is still alive.

brownie said...

If it's going to Milwaukee,it's only a matter of time before somebody spills Pabst on it!

Anonymous said...

Pabst, Beast, brauts, more beer than anything to soak up the sorry state of affairs the Packers, Bucks and Brewers are in.

Paul DeWitt said...

Thanks for the kind words, Wynn. And JT, you don't know how right you are; my client actually works for the beer industry as an engineer!

Speaking of which, did either of you see that the Wynkoop brewery in Denver had a contest for a lifetime supply of free beer which required an essay to enter. The winner, among other things, said "Every decision I make and everything I do revolves around beer." And the dude is married. Go figure.

Tom said...

Paul, thanks for sharing the hamstring routine. I noticed on your training log that you are doing strides on the treadmill; how do you normally do this?


Paul DeWitt said...

Hi Tom,
Strides on the treadmill; they are a bit different than doing them outdoors, but here are a few tips.

First, if you have somebody willing to help just at the end of your workout when you do the strides, it can be very helpful to have them do the speeding up/slowing down so you can focus on good form and not have to reach for the buttons.

I generally just try to go from my normal easy speed up to about 5:30 pace for the first one, increasing that till I'm at about 4:45 pace for the last stride. I speed up then after just a few seconds at the top speed, start slowing down again. Try to focus on a smooth, quick turnover with relaxed upper body. Not the same as doing them outdoors, but still better than not at all. Good luck!