Tuesday, December 9, 2008

8 years and 13 minutes

A bunch of us CRUDers headed down to Pueblo (aka Hell's Furnace) this past weekend for the Rock Canyon Half Marathon. It is over 1000 feet lower elevation down there and the course is almost flat so it is one of the faster half marathons around. My buddy Rick does it about every year but it had been 8 years since I last did it. And what a difference 8 years makes!

Rick said he was going to try to get under 1:30 so I took off with him hoping to keep up. We hit the first mile at 6:42 and then the 2nd mile in 13:12. At that point, Rick took off and I settled in at about 6:30 pace and just tried to hang on. The race starts in City Park and after 2 loops goes along a nice dirt bike path out to the Reservoir and back. Ended up with 13th place in 1:25:38. Back in 2000 I was a bit faster!

2000 Rock Canyon Half Results

2008 Rock Canyon Results

I came across this really cool article last week about the differences in running efficiency when stalking prey between cats and dogs.

Cats vs. Dogs running efficiency

A good line from the article:
"That's why we're the only animals that voluntarily run marathons." Doesn’t say anything about ultramarathons!


Justin Ricks said...

Hell's Furnace is a good way to explain Pueblo. I will be heading up from Hell's Furnace to join you guys on Thursday morning tempo runs, see you then.

brownie said...

Look at the bright side, it's the first time you've ever beat me in a race.

Paul DeWitt said...

Justin - nice job at Sunmart; just saw the results. We'll see you Thur.

Thanks JT - I'm going to go stick my head in the oven now.

WynnMan said...

fast times Paul! Both past and present. What's in store for 2009?

Thanks for the bold prediction at Sunmart. I mucked it up badly. Lessons learned. I do think a 3:15 range was in the realm. 3:10 would be a sweet time on that course, best if it were slightly damp so the sandbox could firm up. It was a sandbox out there and dry. Next year!

Paul DeWitt said...

Hey Wynn,
I ran with Justin yesterday and he said it was really sandy too (as did Kelly). I don't remember it being bad years ago when I ran in that park so that makes everyone's run this year more impressive. Before the race Kelly was thinking 3:10 but he said he was happy with the time given the footing. Rest up! I'm getting some good lifting in and light running and biking right now and just having fun. No races planned yet.....