Monday, August 25, 2008

New Season

For us CRUDers, the LT100/Pikes Peak weekend is sort of the end of the season. We officially start the next season when the time changes in the fall, but in the meantime many of us are still running and getting ready for the Palo Duro races (by the way, I was very sad to learn this past weekend that the RD of Palo Duro, Red Spicer, had died). I seemed to bounce back pretty quick from the beating Rick gave me last weekend at Leadville, so I am looking forward to finishing a race or two this fall.

While I still hope to have a few more good races in me, my focus is shifting some these days. More of my running time is now directed towards the runners I'm coaching. In a similar way to the satisfaction and joy of seeing Rick do so well at Leadville last week, getting other runners ready for a goal race, or maybe even their first ultra, is a really good feeling. Plus, while watching the Olympics I noticed that a lot of coaches are fat (not Notre Dame Football coach fat of course, but just normal fat), so I figure I have that to look forward to!

Log 8/18 - 8/24:
Mon - Wed: Rest and some dog walks
Thu - Ran 30:00 around town, easy
Fri - Ran 46:00 through Forest View and Red Rock Ranch, moderate
Sat - Ran 1:30:00 on Santa Fe Trail and Air Force Academy roads/Stable trail, easy
Sun - Ran 45:00 around town, easy
Week Total: 3:30:00 / 25 miles

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Trailrat said...

Thanks for the comment Paul. I am not sure if I took the right approach or not with my training for this race. The next go around I may just get a coach, would you be up for that?