Sunday, July 20, 2008


I’ve been really tardy in keeping this blog up-to-date lately, but am going to strive to do better. You haven’t missed much running-wise as I’ve been really out of commission with a minor foot surgery (all better now) and the lingering hamstring injury (finally getting physical therapy which seems to be helping). In the past month, I’ve mostly been walking, lifting, and going for a few bike rides. So, here, in no particular order, is a brief run-down on what’s been going on around here the last month or so:

Turned 40 yesterday and we had a nice little party at our house with the CRUD folks and other friends. So my next race will be officially as a masters runner, though I hope to still have a few open wins in me.

Did another ultra-marathon truck drive to California to deliver a bedroom suite. While out there, I was able to tour the Gamble House in Pasadena and also do a walking tour of numerous other Greene-and-Greene houses and a Pre-Columbian Frank Lloyd Wright house (currently on the market for 7.5 million; who knew a house built out of cinderblocks would be so expensive!).

Judy is officially cancer-free and back to work and running. She did the Leadville Heavy Half a few weeks ago as sort of her come-back event and we both really enjoyed seeing many of our running friends up there in one of our favorite places in the world.

Rick discovered a dead guy hanging from a tree on an early morning walk with his dog. Yikes.

I’ll be running JFK on a team with Eric Clifton and Ian Torrence this Nov. BTW, if you want to run this year, better sign up soon. I hear it is almost full.

Fellow Team Smith/Pearl Izumi athlete Scott Jaime nipped at Kyle Skaggs’ heals all the way to the finish line at Hardrock. Congrats also to CRUD dude JT for his first Hardrock finish, and Neal Taylor for his 3rd finish.

I’m getting ready for a Fine Furnishings Show in Milwaukee this Sep. I’m also going to be showing some furniture in a Parade of Homes house at Copper Mountain in Sep.

I’m trying to learn Spanish. I don’t seem to have much of a knack for foreign languages but I’m trying. For my college degree (Literature and Languages) I had to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language (German was my choice) but that was really stretching the definition of “proficiency.”


David Putney said...

Paul- Glad to hear that you're back at it! I just sent in my application to JFK 50 so I'll see you there if not before.

Had a tough start to the year myself, nagging hip pain on and off for 6 months after Across the Years. I think that's behind me now.

Welcome to the Masters and happy birthday!

I'm also glad to hear that Judy is doing great.

Train hard and stay healthy.

Dave Putney

FastED said...

well, well, WELL! Paul DeWitt is alive! Sorry I didn't make it to the 40th party but congrats on that milestone! Most of the time us NoCRUD guys are left high and dry on the invite list (Grimes...)

See you in Leadville??? Aric will be out crewing/pacing me so let's see if we can hook up for some din-din courtesy of Smith Optics.

FastED said...

I'm sorry but did you say "nipping" at Kyle's heels?? ....PPPHHFFFTT! He could have come back around and lapped me before I finished....

Paul DeWitt said...

Dave - looking forward to running with the old guys now! See you at JFK.

LatinoDeano - I'll be up at Leadville pushing/prodding/insulting Rick to a sub 20 hour race (as there is no way he could do it on his own!).

- paul