Sunday, March 23, 2008

03/17 - 03/23 Log

This was my longest week of the build-up for McNaughton and my hamstring is continuing to cooperate for the most part. I generally record everything by time, but this week I started using a GPS watch for a few of the runs (thanks to CRUDer Harsha for loaning it to me). I wanted to check out a few of the typical runs I do, and it turns out they were a bit longer than I had been estimating which is always nice to find out. I'm going to have a few rough days at the beginning of this week while driving to Northern California and back, but I'm going to try to sneak in a run on Tuesday morning in Auburn CA (perhaps on the WTC course).

Mon 03/17 – 0
Tue 03/18 – 1:13:55 / 10.5 miles (GPS) out and back on Spruce Mt. Rd. I did a measured 5 rolling miles @ 6:40 pace in the middle of run which felt good.

Wed 03/19 – 0. A little sick.
Thu 03/20 – 1:43:00 hilly, in and around Garden of the Gods. Including 3.2 mile uphill tempo run up Rampart Range Road (23:30 vs. 24:14 last week).

Fri 03/21 – 1:30:00 windy run on Santa Fe trail (12 miles GPS)

Sat 03/22 – 3:00:00 Greenland / Spruce Meadows / Spruce Mt (21 miles GPS). Nice except for some crusty snow and ice on Spruce Mountain.

Sun 03/23 – 2:33:00 Santa Fe trail – Stables trail – Falcon Loop. 4 inches of nice fresh powder from last night made for a beautiful morning run.

Week – 10:00:00 / 75 miles

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