Monday, February 11, 2008

Jan 1 - Feb 10 Log

Ok it has been a rough 6 weeks as far as my running goes, but I'm getting ready to be back on track. Most of my new plan is mental; I've decided I miss running more than I miss a pain-free hamstring, so I'm just going to start running and figure/hope it will gradually get better with continued stretching and massage. The practical side of this new plan is no more snow running; the snow is just killing my hamstring so as much as I like to be out on the snowy trails, I am just saying no for the time being.

As far as a goal race; I am signed up for American River but will not be running there. It is too much of a rush and my "resolution" for this year was to only race when I was ready, regardless of any lost entry fees or other committments. I am pretty sure I will be running the Vermont 100 on July 19th, however, as that is my 40th birthday. Just happened that the big day falls on a Saturday so I was able to find a race. I ran Vermont once a few years ago and had a pretty rough day, so I'm looking forward to going back.

01/01 - 01/16 - rest/recovery from ATY
Thu 01/17 – 35:00 Snowy, hilly Cheyenne Canyon
Sat 01/19 – 2:35:00 Snowy, hilly Cheyenne Canyon
Sat 01/26 – 10:00 flat on Treadmill (TM)
Sun 01/27 – 1:04:00 Crystal Park Rd.
Tue 01/29 – 25:00 flat on TM
Sat 02/02 – 2:10:00 in Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Snowy.
Sun 02/03 – 30:00 flat on TM
Thu 02/07 – 1:00:00 Cheyenne canon, snow
Sat 02/09 – 2:00:00 Falcon Trail, snowy.
Sun 02/10 – 30:00 on TM.

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Anton said...


Bummed to see that you won't be at AR. I got a litle side-tracked by the shin--thus no Rocky--but I'm hoping to keep things a little smarter (and speedier) and be hitting on all cylinders come April 5th. Good luck with the hamstring.