Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Final Run

Yesterday I helped a friend grant his Mom her final wish; we took her on a final run to one of her favorite places, Pikes Peak. It was a beautiful sunny day with a few inches of packed snow on the trail as we got higher. Being a Tuesday in the tourist off-season, we had the mountain mostly to ourselves as we made the journey up to a spot just past treeline (about 11,550 feet). In order for Eric to share the moment with the non-runners in his family, I videotaped Eric as he spread his Mom’s ashes, the wind blowing them around and mixing with the mountain.

Eric’s mom was a huge fan and supporter of all the CRUD runners, even as her own health worsened, and we’ll always remember her fondly when we pass her spot on the mountain.

Lindsey “Mimi” Gabe
1944 – 2004
A Runner Till the End

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