Sunday, November 11, 2007

11/5 - 11/11 Log

This week I decided to start keeping track of the other workouts I do along with the running. As for the running, this week was the beginning of our CRUD season; on Thursday mornings we do a 4.2 mile uphill tempo run in Cheyenne Canyon. The first week we always run easy as a group. To put the 41:25 in perspective, when in shape and running hard, I do this run in the low 32s. For our Saturday group long run, we ran in a new State Park just south of Colorado Springs called Cheyenne Mountain State Park (this is different from Cheyenne Canyon). There are about 25 miles of trails in the new park, ranging from flat and groomed to quite hilly single track. Check it out if you are in this area (5 bucks to get in). My hamstring is still tight but is staying manageable for now.

Mon 11/5 – Walk 1:00:00
Tue 11/6 – Run 1:00:00 on easy on treadmill. Walk 1:00:00. Weight Lift.
Wed 11/7 – Walk 30:00
Thu 11/8 – Run 1:20:00 (Cheyenne Canyon hill climb 41:25)
Fri 11/9 – Run 40:00 easy on treadmill. Walk 45:00. Weight Lift.
Sat 11/10 – Run 2:12:00 in South Cheyenne SP, Hilly. Walk 15:00
Sun 11/11 – Run 1:48:00 (loops around Palmer Lake @ 7:20 pace). Walk 1:00:00.
Week – 7:00:00 / 55 miles

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