Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Providence Fine Furnishings Show

The DeWitt Woodworking Booth

My friend Rick (a fellow CRUD runner) and I just returned from pulling a trailer to Providence RI and back, which turned out to be almost exactly 2000 miles each way. This was my first such show so I expected, and did, learn a lot about better ways to display my furniture if I decide to do any more shows in the future. As for the show itself, it was a busy 3 days that passed quickly due to a constant stream of people coming by and talking. I was able to get away from my booth a few times and cruise through the exhibits. Several very well known furniture makers were also exhibiting at the show, so it was great to meet them and see their furniture up close. Of special interest was Brian Boggs, one of the foremost chairmakers in the country, who actually built a chair during the 3 days of the show. He did this almost exclusively with hand tools. Several well-known woodworking programs, such as the North Bennet Street school from Boston and the Rhode Island School of Design also had booths showing student work.

Brian Boggs Booth

Booth and Show Attendees

Some Amazing Marquetry

John Landis Cabinetmakers Booth

Rick had the opportunity to check out a lot of downtown Providence and the Brown University campus during the day while I was at the show. We also got out for runs each morning and checked out a few bars at night. On Saturday, they had what is called "Waterfire" which was quite unusual. The Providence river runs right through downtown and they light fires atop small concrete posts that run down the middle of the river. Classical music played and various street vendors were out. Gondolas moved up and down the river with couples having dinner and wine.

For running, Rick and I found a paved bike/running path that started in Cranston near our hotel and ran west for a long ways. The fall colors were amazing and we seemed to be the only ones out on the bike path each morning. I'm not sure where all the local runners were.

Training Log

This was supposed to be a "back to normal" week though the driving didn't help any with getting my runs in. I did what I call a half workout on Tuesday, meaning I did a normal workout protocol (in this case a cut-down run in which I increase the pace by .1mph each .25 miles) but I just didn't do it as fast as normal because my hamstring is still bothering me. If things were going well, I'd warm up then start the cut-down at 7:30 pace and speed up over the course of the hour to about 5:20 pace and hold it there for awhile. The first 2 runs in Cranston were about 7 - 7:20 pace, and the longer run on Sunday was more like 7:45 - 8:00 pace.

Mon 10/22 – 0
Tue 10/23 – 1:00:00 on TM, cut-down from 8:00 to 6:30 pace (loaded trailer and driving to RI)
Wed 10/24 – Token 5:00 jog in Indiana (driving to RI)
Thu 10/25 – 0 (More driving to RI)
Fri 10/26 – 1:10:00 flat/rolling pavement, Cranston RI
Sat 10/27 – 1:45:00 flat/rolling pavement, Cranston RI
Sun 10/28 – 2:06:00 flat/rolling pavement, Cranston RI
Week – 6:06 / 48 miles

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