Sunday, October 7, 2007

10/01 - 10/07 Log and Heartland Thoughts

After my 75 mile beach week, I took it easier last week and will back off even more this week prior to the Heartland 100 on 10/13. I have never run a 100 before where it was being used as a "long run" but that is sort of the way I'm approaching this one. This will be my only run over 3.5 hours, so it is an opportunity to experiment with a few things. In particular, I am going to try to mix walking in right from the beginning. For the 24 Hour race, I know there is no way to run the whole way (for me anyway). In previous 100s (LT100, Vermont, and WS100 DNF) I have let the course dictate where I walked, but that obviously won't work at a flat race like ATY. Also, I have found that 8:30 pace just isn't comfortable for me, so while that is about the average pace I'm shooting for at ATY, I think it makes more sense for me to run a bit faster than that, and then mix in walking.

Heartland Prediction: 14:29, which would be about goal pace for ATY, and Eric Clifton's CR is 14:30 so I'd love to get one of his records. When I think of Kansas I think of wind, so that could be a factor.

Notes on Training below:

Palmer Lake is .83 miles around. I have started doing laps around it on some of my runs just to get used to running on perfectly flat dirt.

Treadmill Hill workout. I normally do one hill workout and one flat workout a week. I will start that up after the 100 mile race but just did a moderate hill workout this week to see how my hamstring would hold up. The min on/off means I ran the whole time at 8:00 pace, but for 25:00 I alternated a minute of flat with a minute of 6% hill. My normal hill workouts are either 4 miles at 8:00 pace/7% hill, or 30:00 on/off at 8:00 pace and an 11% hill.

Mon 10/01 – 0
Tue 10/02 – 1:50:00, including 10 miles in 71:55 around Palmer Lake
Wed 10/03 – 0
Thu 10/04 – 1:10:00, including 5 miles in 37:20 around Palmer Lake
Fri 10/05 – 1:05:00 @ 8:00 pace on Treadmill, with 25:00 of min on/off (6% hill)
Sat 10/06 – 1:50:00 slow/rolling/windy. Greenland Open Space.
Sun 10/07 – 50:00 Greenland Open Space.
Week – 6:45:00 / 55 miles


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...


Welcome to the blogosphere. I found the link on ATY's website. I'm doing ATY (12/29 start) after volunteering at it last year. I'm looking forward to hearing about your training and seeing you at the race.

Bedrock said...


Welcome to the "Bloggersphere". I really enjoyed the pictures. I will be sure to check your blog often. Best of luck at Heartland.


Anton said...

Hey Paul,
Nice to see the blog...I've actually just started one of my own Consider it the antithesis to your "ultras on low-mileage" theme! ha ha. I hope the legs hold together through Heartland and ATY, you deserve to put up some good races other than at Pb. Your pictures around Palmer Lake make me miss CO!


Paul DeWitt said...

Hey Tony,
Just checked yours out; glad to see you are getting over the injury. Hey it will be cool if I do Rocky Raccoon to be able to look at each other's training! A good chance to break 13 for sure.