Friday, October 9, 2009


We awoke this morning to the beautiful frost shown below on the road to our house. It is hard to imagine I'll be sweating in the desert in 3 weeks:

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get one last run in on my favorite route; the 21 mile Balanced Rock Road - Rampart Range Road - Winding Staircase Road loop. I also got a pair of much needed new shoes so will use them from now through the Javelina 100.

In an interesting confluence of running and furniture news, I just finished the Media Cabinet shown below. It's new home will be overlooking the Western States starting line from a condo in Squaw Valley. The new owner is an accomplished runner who broke 20 hours at this year's race.

For anyone interested who isn't on the CRUD email list, our year end Awards Party will be at the Palmer Lake Picnic shelter on Oct 24, starting at 11:00 AM.


brownie said...

I'm running in the Manitou 5K before the CRUD party, will that have any influence on the runner of the year award?

Paul DeWitt said...

I tell you what, if you break 16:00 (without cheating), you will be the CRUD runner of the year!

FastED said...

Gee-Zus! ...that's what I would call JT if he did that! Or maybe like Moses... walking on water.

Anonymous said...

what a pro!

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